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Dressage Clinic & Offsite Lesson Program

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Paul and Nikki are THE most generous, encouraging, AND least prejudiced instructors I have ever experienced. I have only ever ridden in a clinic of theirs once, but I audited also for the rest of the day. Their ability to readjust their teaching to so many different levels if students and horses is a joy to experience!
I hope to continue on with them now that I have a saddle aged horse, and two more coming along!
Barb Elliot, NY

Gold Star Dressage Training Program at Willowview Hill Farm

It’s very difficult for riders to find both qualified trainers and qualified horses on which to train. As the famous Spanish Riding School Director, Alois Podhasky’s book says, ‘My Horses, My Teachers.’

Here at Willowview Hill Farm, in the beautiful mountains of Stamford, New York our private farm offers select students of the art of dressage the opportunity to learn on one of our two Grand Prix level horses, Tiberio Lafite and Charrington WVH.

While both horses are in their later years, they both have much they can teach the rider. Both horses have been made from start to finish by Paul and Nikki Alvin-Smith. This new program at WVH, Gold Star Dressage, is a great way for students to learn with a Grand Prix rider/trainer/coach/clinician (or two!) on horses that know their job. There is nothing better than being trained on an educated horse by the person that educated that horse. Talk about having the keys to progress for your riding!

Gold Star Dressage Training

Please email us for more info on this program. Your email should include:-

• Your full name and address and telephone number for follow up call
• Details of your experience in dressage or other riding
• Your goals and your available commitment time wise i.e. how many times per month would you be able to participate
• Please attach a recent video of you riding
• Name of present (if applicable) and past trainers

To be accepted for the Gold Star Program riders must have an independent seat.

Cost for this program comes in two package options, either 6 lessons or 12 per month minimum. Individualized packages may also be available. Packages must be prepaid. Cost details will be provided on application.

We welcome your inquiries for lessons and training advice and are committed to providing a safe, harmonious and supportive environment for horse and rider.
Please note that this is a private farm and not open to the general public.
Sorry, we do not offer trail rides or group sessions.

You may be a rider switching disciplines, an accomplished dressage rider seeking competition coaching and training, or a rider that seeks to find the harmony in dressage riding but is not at all interested in competing. All are welcome.

Additionally you may have a highly talented horse or a mediocre moving character. Our belief is that dressage benefits all types of riders and all types of horses and every horse and rider is treated as an individual here at Willowview Hill Farm and is equally, highly regarded.

Willowview Hill Farm Team is available for lessons for the rider and training for the horse in the art of dressage from basic levels through to Grand Prix level. It may be possible for one of our FEI trainers to visit offsite to provide instruction in addition to here at the farm. It may also be possible to provide coaching services for show schedules. Lessons are always one on one and you may trailer your horse in subject to scheduling a lesson package and providing basic health documentation. As we are a breeding farm this is especially important. We may have horses available for instruction if you do not have your own.


There are several rider training options available. You may take a 6 or 12 lesson package. Lessons run 50 minutes each.

" You both are such wonderful people and trainers! I have learned so much from you both and cannot thank you enough for that! You both have such an amazing way of teaching and you are so encouraging! My riding ability has grown so much because of my lessons with you. One of my best rides ever was this past weekend and it was such a great feeling!" ..........Cheryl Parisian, Assistant Manager, Northfield Farm, Otego, NY

With horse training packages we offer a similar program. This program is tuned to the individual horse and his/her requirements. As environment, nutrition and handling is key to building a horse's soundness and confidence/trust in the rider, and gymnastic development depends on a consistent correct workout, we suggest a minimum 4 day a week training session per horse. For these reasons we prefer the horse be stabled at our facility. We have limited boarding space and do not take in outside boarders who do not commit to a lesson program.

Horses need to be offering a solid walk, trot and canter to start in the Willowview Hill Farm program. Riders benefit most from our training if they are past the 'beginner' stage of riding and can competently also ride three gaits though which discipline English/Western or otherwise does not matter.

The WVH Team is interested in working with equestrians who are committed to learning all aspects of dressage following classical methods. Please see our section on training philosophy, history and biographical info.

Rates vary depending on package but generally a 50 minute session with an FEI trainer will cost between $105.00 to $125.00 depending on package.

If you would like to visit and chat about your needs and requirements please contact us at training@willowviewhillfarm.com to schedule an appointment.
We are a private farm and not public facility. Please call ahead so we can be sure to have someone free to speak with you in detail.

Please note 24 hour notice of cancellation is required or you will be charged for the lesson in full.


Happy Horses & Happy Students

"We pride ourselves on providing the finest education in classical dressage in a harmonious, quiet and supportive environment for every student. We have a lot of laughs along the way too....."













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