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Love Dressage in the Catskills Clinic. Sponsored by TheHorseStudio.com in conjunction with Willowview Hill Farm International and hosted by international Grand Prix riders/trainers Greta Kemmer, Nikki Alvin-Smith & Tina Hammond. 

This program is now full. Venue will be Salem, New York.

One week intensive program Monday, March 21, 2011 - 10:30am - Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 5:00pm Stamford, New York.

Note: Due to a scheduling conflict this program has been rescheduled to late April.
Interested in learning the equestrian sport of dressage? This is a great opportunity to learn the Olympic equestrian sport from three successful international level dressage trainers in an intensive week of training utilizing your own horse or one of Willowview Hill Farm's classically trained horses, some of which are trained through Grand Prix level. TheHorseStudio.com, will cover fifty percent of the cost of the session for each student accepted, as well as provide lunch and a gift basket of riding equipment and educational materials for attendees. 
If you are a student of horsemanship interested in switching to dressage, or are currently riding in the dressage arena but need help moving up the levels, then this is a great opportunity to get a kick start on the 2011 show season. Riders of all levels welcome.

For more information please email training@willowviewhillfarm.com. Please include the following information in your email:-

Your name and address and telephone contact info.
Present riding experience and level and trainer.
Your horse's age, breed and experience.
Your goals for 2011 riding season.
Your goals for this clinic.
Do you have your own horse to bring to the clinic?
Do you wish to be considered for a WVH mount for clinic? Note: This option requires you to take a preliminary lesson with us to match you with one of our horses for the duration of the week.
Do you presently compete? If so, please list the results of the last few shows.
What do you consider your best strengths as a rider.
What do you consider your biggest weaknesses.
Difficulties you presently have training your horse, if any.
Special areas of training you are interested in working on.
Where did you hear about this clinic?
Will you be able to attend for the complete 6 day experience? If not would you be interested in attending for a one day experience if we offered a daily rate?

In the event we do not receive enough interest in this clinic being held in Stamford, New York, the venue may be switched further south to Salem, NY. Please note on your email which location you would prefer. We are trying to establish a dressage training emphasis in the Catskill region but if we do no receive enough applications, this will not be possible, and the clinic will instead be held in Westchester County in same format.
We are very grateful to TheHorseStudio.com online equestrian store for their sponsorship of this event. Please show your return support by visiting their wonderful store, which has one of the largest online selections of horse DVDs/books as well as the latest fashion forward riding apparel and horse tack.

A limited number of spaces are available, and slots are expected to fill up fast. 
Costs for full 6 day experience including use of a WVH mount, before TheHorseStudio.com 50% sponsorship is $2280.00
Cost for full 6 day experience utilizing your own mount and trailering in each day, before TheHorseStudio.com 50% sponsorship is $1980.00
Cost for on site stabling is an additional $35.00 per day. No turnout provided. One bag of shavings per day provided, hay provided if you wish. You provide grain. This is permanent stabling. Please advise if your horse is a stallion.

All horses attending will be required to be up to date on all vaccinations & Coggins ( within 1 year) and Health Certificate. If passport for your horse is not available, proof of vaccination history from your vet will be required. Sorry, no dogs allowed. If you require help finding local accommodation we will be happy to help, there are many good hotels in the area including The Catskill Seasons Inn ( Shandaken), Emerson Resort and Spa ( Mt. Tremper), Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn ( Oneonta), as well as other local bed and breakfasts.

January 5th, 2011. Dressage Forum: Developing Dressage in the Catskill Region.

Wrap Up Notes on This Event:

Hope everyone is surviving the winter storm OK and staying safe. Just wanted to post an update of the dressage forum ( well OK, equestrian forum). Here's a snapshot of the ideas/discussions for your info. We hope to hold another one in early Spring when the weather is better! Unfortunately although more than 20 people registered to attend more than half didn't make it due to various reasons but the weather was the number one issue.

High on the to do list:

1. Formation of a newsletter/magazine to serve just the Catskill region and environs where local trainers, business owners and horse breeders could post news of their events/shows/clinics etc as well as provide a central calendar access for free. Who would like to run it? How would it be funded? Granted there are other publications that do service the local area such as The Advocate but while it is a fine publication it is almost exclusively geared to the Paso Fino breed.

2. Need for more than just dressage central base - not enough dressage folks regionally to make it worthwhile to promote so inclusion of both Western and English disciplines a must.

3. Regular forum meetings approx one a month to keep interested parties up to date on ongoing programs.

4. Formation of 'weekend destination' project to lure more visitors to the breeding farms, horse available for sale in the region by a coordinated weekend of sales horse events.

5. Purchase of bulk supplies such as shavings/hay/grain etc., as a group to leverage buying power.

6. Help between group members of emergency supplies/services such as transportation to Cornell etc.

This is a brief synopsis of topics covered. There were not enough people attending to make this program a 'go forward' so another event is scheduled which we hope more people will attend.

Feel free to email me your interest in attending - tentative date March 18th.

Stay warm!

Nicola/Willowview Hill Farm
visit us on YouTube at the Willowview Hill Farm channel for free dressage advice.

Please join us on Facebook at the Catskill Equestrian Group to be kept informed of our activities in the region as well as learn more about other equestrian options in the Catskills.

Dressage Forum Follow Up: Tentative Date March 20th, 2011

Willowview Hill Farm Intl Collect Your Horse Dressage Clinic Series Part 2 Sponsored by TheHorseStudio.com

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Our thanks to TheHorseStudio.com for once again sponsoring a dressage clinic event in collaboration with the Willowview Hill Farm Team of dressage trainers including the Swiss Grand Prix coach and rider, Greta Kemmer.
" We were thrilled with the success of the first clinic in this series and the riders found the work illuminating. A nice variety of horse breeds were presented at various levels of training and Greta Kemmer did an outstsanding job of bringing each rider to a higher level of riding. We continue to strive to develop a broad base of dressage riders in the Schoharie and Delaware County area so that we can hold the clinics at Stamford, NY, but at the last clinic most riders came from Westchester and Fairfield Counties, so we made the decision to work at our regular venue in North Salem, NY. "
TheHorseStudio.com, The International Equestrian Shop, will once again be providing a basket of horse gear for the rider voted most improved by the world class clinician Greta Kemmer at the conclusion of the event. The winner will receive a beautiful EOUS riding vest, a pair of the very comfortable and highly regarded FITS breeches, a Kyra K. grooming mit, a Live to Ride Eurofit blouse, an Isabell Werth saddle pad and a selection of holiday cards from artist/photographer Nikki Alvin-Smith. Lunch will be provided for all attendees courtesy of Willowview Hill Farm International, Stamford, NY.
Additionally there will be an art exhibit showcasing the original oil works of New York artists Nikki Alvin-Smith & Mary Brazier, and Giclee prints from Georgia artist Michael Lee. A portion of the proceeds from these works agented by TheHorseStudio.com, will be donated to charity. More details on these artists may be found at the website http://www.TheHorseStudio.com.
For more information on the Willowview Hill Farm dressage program and further events, please visit http://www.WillowviewHillFarm.com.
This is the second in the series ' collect your horse' and is tentatively scheduled for December 10th, 2010. Depending on entries for the clinic it will either take place at Stamford, NY or at North Salem, NY. Entries for the eight riding slots are already filling up so please contact us soon on 607 652 2917  if you are interested in participating. Auditors are limited and you must register to audit. Sorry, no dogs allowed.
 Courtesy of artist Nikki Alvin-Smith
Oil on Canvas original entitled:
Racing Respite Versailles WVH Available for Sale at TheHorseStudio.com store along with a fine selection of works from other artists too.





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