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Willowview Hill Farm Training Board

Stallion Training

Stallion Training.

Every horse at Willowview Hill Farm enjoys access to large board fenced pastures and paddocks. We strongly believe that horses require freedom of movement and a social equine sphere in which to develop and be happy.

During several months of the year our own high quality organically grown hay is provided outside for additional nourishment. Horses enjoy two to three grain meals a day depending on work and breeding status and have their own 12 x 12 rubber matted stall bedded with pine shavings. Horses are blanketed during turnout as weather requires. When horses are stabled they are provided with hay ad lib to prevent boredom and keep their digestive tracts healthy.

We have a heated tack room and bathroom including shower and laundry machines and office.

Willowview Hill Farm has security monitoring systems in place and a resident horseperson on site 24/7.

Riding horses are generally worked for 40-50 minute session 4/5 times a week. Breeding mares are brought in every evening and return to pasture in the morning when they are close to due dates and post foaling while the foal is under three months of age. Horses that do not handle the summer heat well even with the use of run in sheds are brought in during the day.

Good Training Begins with Solid Basics

Important basic training


The same horse 3 years later.

The Willowview Hill Farm team are experienced in basic medical services and diagnosis. Administering of medications, wound dressing or other medical services that may be required are provided under the direction and supervision of a qualified veterinary professional.

We do not currently allow outside trainers to operate at the farm in Stamford but from time to time may offer clinics. Please see our clinic section on the left menu for more information.


For details about boarding options at Willowview Hill Farm please contact training@willowviewhillfarm.com or call 607 652 2917.

For access to property/services/hay products: Download pdf file for the Auditor Waiver Download pdf file for the Waiver Release








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