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Willowview Hill Farm Breeding Program

After 25+ Successful Years Horse Breeding We Are Retiring

As you can see from the details below, we have bred many horses over the years and have enjoyed every minute of it. It now seems an appropriate time for us to retire from the breeding side of our business.

With sincere thanks to all our clients that have made our program successful through their trust in purchasing from us and their support by keeping the WVH prefix on their show horse records. Also thank-you to the countless vets, vet techs, transport companies, alternative therapy professionals, and everyone that has been involved with the WVH breeding program over the years.

Willowview Hill Farm (WVH assigned prefix moved to suffix of name in 2005) is proud to have bred some exceptional competitive horses as well as breeding mares such as WVH GemmaMaria, over the years. Favorite bloodlines in our yard have included the legendary Donnerhall, Argentan, Graf Gotz, Pik Bube, Lord Sinclair and Michelangelo, Brio and Rubignon, Regatero ( Zapata), and Viega descendants. The progeny produced has been sold to elite professional yards across the world and many horses have also made up into great mounts for the serious amateur.

Quiet moments

The WVH Team Train Young Horses from Birth to Finished Grand Prix Level

'Quiet Moments," between horse and trainer are essential to deepen trust and understanding. Relaxation is key to the learning process and time is always taken to address tension and resolve communication issues. The WVH Team has a wealth of experience rearing and starting horses and all WVH bred horses are well handled and understand their job.

Since 2010 the mission of the WVH breeding program has been modified. As always WVH seeks to provide sound, healthy sport horses and sports ponies with willing attitudes, good conformation for longevity and expressive yet comfortable, flexible gaits. While our previous breeding has been dominated by dressage lines and breeding for the international level rider the ongoing program will also address the amateur rider requirements. WVH is also now working on producing medium sized horses/ponies suitable for the young rider. In this effort we have branched into cross breeding.

WVH has also modified its bloodline base in foundation mares. Over the years we have had great success with horses of various breeds and appreciate the benefits each has to offer. Based on customer feedback our original purebred program has migrated over time to include cross breds. We have found these horses to be very sound and very suitable for the amateur rider who is seeking a little less fire in the belly and is also concerned with keeping the price of the horse within budget for the task they need it to accomplish.

From time to time we work with other breeders who have youngstock they wish to polish for sale or for improvement in behavior. While we only offer starting under saddle for WVH bred horses at this time, if you have a youngster that has a basic walk, trot, canter and needs to be worked for inspection or sale, please contact us for training options. These services may also be available off farm at your location. We also offer foal share and syndication for young horses that would benefit from a competition home and where the breeder seeks to improve the visibility of their farm and breeding program.


The hunt for a great breeding and dressage stallion in the Baroque lines first took me to Piber and Vienna before we started our own breeding of Lusitanos and Andalusians in the Andalusian regions of Jerez, Spain. The stallions at the Palace finished their morning workout session that was open to the public, and then I enjoyed time with each stallion vetting, checking and watching them in the 'backyard' of the Palace before determining which ones to try in the SRS hallowed school in the afternoons. When I went to Piber to see the youngstock I was greeted with a huge welcome by the train crew to Graz, as our train chuntered on through snow delays over the Pass. It was like stepping back in time. They were keen for me to make my appointment in Piber. Doors opened in grand menages, it was fascinating what was hidden away. In any event, from that trip to Europe I did return with an Elite Auction horse from Verden, but no Lippizan.."...Nicola Alvin-Smith








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