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Paul and Nikki

The Grand Prix dressage duo Paul and Nikki Alvin-Smith enjoy a hectic clinic and lesson schedule working with horses and riders both in the U.S.A. and internationally.

Many of the clinics offered are private clinics or special invite events. However, some clinics are open to the public. Please visit WVH Facebook page for event notifications to keep up to date.

Each year WVH offers an invite only, ‘Ride With An Olympian’. These events are generally held in N. Salem or Bedford, NY.  This event is an exclusive opportunity to work with some of the finest riders/coaches in the dressage world and is open to WVH regular students and their friends and families and does include auditor availability.

Quick info on Paul & Nicola:

Paul & Nicola Alvin-Smith are British international level Grand Prix competitors/trainers/clinicians who have successfully competed in Europe to scores over 72% at Grand Prix. In addition they have trained several horses of various breeds from birth to Grand Prix and trained many students up through the ranks of dressage in their care.

While both have worked with many iconic masters in thedressage world their training has been most influenced by their training with Raul de Leon, Olympic trainer and Olympic gold medal winner Tad Coffin and Grand Master Herbert Rehbein, of Germany.

Paul and Nicola welcome students of all levels, on any breed of horse and from any discipline to participate in the friendly, harmonious learning environment at their clinics. Their goal is to achieve a serious positive progression of learning and feel for dressage techniques for their students with kindness and understanding of the horse, in a fun, kind and supportive setting.

Paul and Nikki also offer a Pick up a Dressage Lesson program in the NE region. They will come to your barn and provide offsite one on one lessons. This program is offered on a flat fee basis for your area as they barn hop to save you trailering. WVH also offers select haul-in lessons from time to time, which are especially useful if you don't have an indoor or ring at home.

For up to date information please visit our fb page at http://www.facebook.com/WillowviewHillFarm

Paul Alvin-Smith riding Tiberio Lafite

Additionally we are working with CatksillHorse.org on helping create a community resource for equestrians of all discplines.
Please contact with your inquiries for clinic and coaching help and in the event we are too booked to help, we can at least point you in the right direction.






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