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Akiko and Gambol’s Genevieve WVH aka Jen Getting Along Well

It has been several months since we sold Jen to Akiko, so we checked in to see how the pair are doing together. We were thrilled to hear that Akiko has been taking the training slowly with her new mare and that they have progressed to work under saddle.

“I have renamed Jen,” Akiko explained, “ Her new name is Zen. We have had six rides under saddle, just walking around the arena. She has been very good and apart from stopping once, that required me to persuade her to move on, she has taken to it all beautifully.”

Here are a few photos that Akiko kindly shared!

Akiko and Gambol’s Genevieve WVH aka Jen Getting Along Well

Akiko and Gambol’s Genevieve WVH aka Jen Getting Along Well


Congratulations to Nancie Hazell-Abudhaider and Ramzi Abuhaider on the birth of their first foal out of the previous WVH mare "Annie"


Sky is a massively strong colt with all the high white marking us dressage folks love. Bred to the thoroughbred sire Disco, owned by Dr. Win Stevens and stabled at Keane Stud, Amenia, NY, this colt is destined for the racetrack.

His half sister Georgy Girl ( sired by Dutch Warmblood Gambol) is growing fast and is now just two years old.

" Paul and I are so happy for Ramzi and Nancie and the birth of this beautiful colt. It was lovely to visit Annie and reconnect and to meet Sky in person. Annie is a classy mare with fantastic bloodlines and she will be bred again next season for another racing prospect. Just wish we could keep this one for dressage, but we couldn't talk Nancie into taking him home for that. Plans for Sky at present is to market him at auction at 18 months old for the racing industry. Given his amazing genetics and lovely conformation I am sure he will realize a great home." ...Nikki Alvin-Smith


Kelly Parker and Mani Tak

We are thrilled to report that our daughter's horse Mani Tak, a former dressage mount for our daughter who was purchased last Fall by Kelly has graduated to the jumping ring. Mani jumps beautifully. Who knew! So on their first outing of the 2012 season they won ribbons including a first place and have been out and about competing all over since then. Congratulations to Kelly and to her trainer Faye Benedict at Fairbanks Stable, Richmondville, NY.

'Annie' Back in Foal

The team at WVH is pleased to report that Annie, who was sold last Fall to her new owners in Millbrook, is checked in foal. Everyone is so excited to see the next leggy foal that Annie produces. Her 2011 Dutch warmblood foal is growing up beautifully and incidentally is available for sale. We expect her to do very well either eventing or hunter/jumpers because she loves to jump!

WVH Westminster New Home Update

'West' was long a favorite here in our yard and last Fall he sold to a repeat client. His new owner Anne, reports he is now moved from his temporary winter digs to her own backyard. A realization of a long time dream for Anne who has been around horse showing all her life. He is sharing his pasture with another WVH horse, Blondie. They get on wonderfully together, no surprise there because they are both such big hearted kind horses. Anne will have a very busy summer between the kids and the ponies.


Royal Rubin Winning Ways with Linda Brown.

Royal Rubin (Rohdiamont gelding) continues his successful career in Britain reports owner Linda Brown.

" When I purchased Ruby from you in '08 I was sure he was something special. We've been working with him at my friends stud farm for the past two years with the help of Greta ( Kemmer). At his early shows he was a handful! But pleased to report that he has learned to stay in the ring and has an average score this season at Medium Level dressage of 68 percent! We're working baby piaffe and he has changes and is ready to move up to the Small Tour and Jennie is thrilled riding him. Thanks for the helpful advice through his early years. He's turned six now and has finally settled down and matured into the most wonderful horse. Just as you promised..." Linda Brown

Linda purchased Royal Rubin from our Elite 2008 Collection as a four year old who had began life in Germany where he'd been lightly shown. We love to hear from our clients and are glad that Rubin has worked out so well for Linda. Please forward photos and news of your WVH horses and we'll include them here too.


WVH Hennessy Celebrates His 18th birthday!

I cannot say enough about how wonderful WVH Hennessy is.  He is my dream horse, to say the least.  Not only is he a beautiful mover and a scopey jumper, but his ground manners are impeccable.  He has never batted an eye at any challenge put in front of him, whether it's in the ring or on the trail.  He's always ready to please.  Furthermore, in the 12 years I have known him, he has never taken a bad step--always totally sound. 
Honestly, I think his best feature is his attitude.  He loves people and is so trusting.  It's obvious that he was trained using kind methods and gentle hands.  He loves being groomed, loves to just "hang out" and loves children.  He is certainly a one-of-kind horse, and I am so grateful to you both for such an amazing horse.  Thank you!
Anne K. Arent 

WVH Hennessy

Anne Arent takes WVH Hennessy to new heights.

Note: WVH Hennessy was purchased by Willowview Hill Farm in April 1996 from the Elite Verden Auction in Germany. This superbly bred Hanoverian closely related to the great dressage horse Gifted, enjoyed basic dressage work at Willowview Hill Farm before finding a new home with Anne and beginning a career in the Hunter ring. Known fondly as " The H Bomb" by Anne, Hennessy has a larger than life character. He is currently enjoying life in Connecticut and has just celebrated his 18th birthday.


WVH Hennessy April 1996 enjoys a bath at WVH Farm.





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