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New Program:
 WVH Winter Young Horse Workshops with Paul Alvin-Smith

 Join us for a series of workshops aimed at working with your young horse on the ground. Included will be free longe work; long lining the young horse; building the horse's foundation in hand.


 "From birth to backing all horses deserve a great foundation. This series will focus on training your horse to respond to cues to move forward/backup/turn in either direction without and with body contact. Long line groundwork will initiate rein direction and connection, basic collection and changes in cadence during the trot. Longe work will include work in a cavesson, side rein connection and adding the weight of the rider both with and without saddle. Additional work on the ground will include rein release and directional movement in preparation for walk pirouettes, leg yields and half pass. And finally work on the long line will encompass collection to baby piaffe steps without the weight of the rider."

 Program dates begin in mid October. Please pm us your email if you'd like to be kept in the loop for registration.
 Location will be in Stamford, NY.

New Program


Paul and Nikki

The Grand Prix dressage duo Paul and Nikki Alvin-Smith enjoy a hectic clinic and lesson schedule working with horses and riders both in the U.S.A. and internationally.

Many of the clinics offered are private clinics or special invite events. However, some clinics are open to the public. Please visit WVH Facebook page for event notifications to keep up to date.

Each year WVH offers an invite only, ‘Ride With An Olympian’. These events are generally held in N. Salem or Bedford, NY.  This event is an exclusive opportunity to work with some of the finest riders/coaches in the dressage world and is open to WVH regular students and their friends and families and does include auditor availability.

May Schedule

May Clinic

April Clinics

March Lesson Schedule

Wrap Up of WVH Summer Dressage Clinic August 18/19th 2017

Fourteen riders participated at the Willowview Hill Farm Summer Clinic. The dates were changed by one day to accommodate the riders showing at HITS Centerline on Sunday the 20th, and the auditor space was full with 25 folks eagerly taking notes and enjoying the demo ride with Paul riding Tine’s mare Alexandria through all the Grand Prix movements with a running commentary. Here’s a few pointers from the Q & A:-

Auditor: I saw you use your left hand to correct the head carriage on the right rein. Why not use both?

Paul: You can’t correct the head carriage with the rein aids. Only with the seat and leg aids. When I raise my left hand I am asking her to lighten her contact on that side. I lift it momentarily and then give it back. It’s a reminding aid.

Auditor: Can you explain the difference between an advanced half halt and a working half halt? I saw you used a lot of half halts.

Paul: It always depends on the horse but in general at advanced level you use shorter, lighter half halts but you use them more frequently. Think of it like the difference between a connecting half halt you use when you are working your horse at basic levels and a collecting half halt you use as you progress and the horse has the ability to sit down behind and engage his hindquarters. You should always aim to use the lightest aid necessary to get the job done and no more.

Auditor: I saw you use the whip and tap it a lot on her right side. Why was that?

Paul: I have been working with this mare on and off for a few years now. She is a little weaker on her right side and tends to evade the tap of my right leg by taking a stronger contact on the right rein and stiffens her neck. The tapping reminds her to stay active. She is a lovely mare and you need to be very kind with the gals so as not to upset them. Again. Just enough aid to get the job done and no more.

Auditor: I notice you don’t bring your legs up and back far in the changes. Why is that?

Paul: At this level the horse is working primarily from the seat in the changes. My legs will brush backward and down, not up and back. I do not want to lose my seat aid during the change.

Auditor: Do you ride upper level horses without spurs?

Paul: Yes. Sometimes. A horse should work at the advanced level without the help of spurs and a whip and also it is important to work your advanced horse in the snaffle bridle, just as much if not more than in the double bridle. If your work is correct you will not miss any of the accessories.

Auditor: Can you fix bad changes? Say is someone has messed them up?

Paul: Yes. You’ll need to go back to the basics and identify the issues. Mostly it is just confidence for the horse and balance. He must understand what is being asked. As a trainer it helps if you have ridden lots of changes because you have the timing to help the horse stay through.

On Friday it poured monsoon quantities of rain and Saturday heralded the complete opposite with a beautiful sunny day.

“I should have taken a stall to begin with because my horse is green and he was excited by the new environment and that rain. Thankfully Nikki organized a stall late minute so he had time to calm down,” said a relieved Deborah.

As with all WVH clinics, riders of all levels are welcome. This event showcased horses working from 1st level to Grand Prix.

“It’s been an eye opener for me for sure,” said Peter who rode two horses during the event. “ I haven’t been working Maddie at IA for too long and we had some basic errors there that I hadn’t realized. The canter work for example. I have always trained pirouettes from a big circle and worked down to a smaller one. Paul had me working them the other way around and it made Maddie much happier. Her piaffe work has always been a little uneven and it was great to fix that too. “

There were six FEI rides and all FEI riders have been invited to attend the WVH FEI4ontheFloor Clinic hosted by international coach Greta Kemmer which begins again this Fall.

“ That was truly educational. Paul is so kind and patient and always puts the horse first. I am much more confident going into my PSG test for the first time. I picked up lots of pointers,” said Tracey, who plans to move her beautiful Oldenburg gelding up to FEI after a hiatus from the show ring due to injury last year. “ He’s ready now!”

Paul Alvin-Smith was very happy with the work everyone produced.
“ We do a variety of riders from high functioning autistic to top level competitors. We appreciate the trainers that come to us and work as colleagues in the pursuit of improving their knowledge and sharing their clients with us too. Everyone had done their homework which helps save a lot of repetition. Some new faces here too and I was glad to be able to help.”

Everyone enjoyed a fine feast during the lunch breaks and the wrap up party was attended by just about everyone. Our thanks to www.TheHorseStudio.com for sponsoring the yummy meals and for the rider gift bags which included Kyra K. blouses, Kastel Denmark shirts, Haas brush sets and all sorts of goodies. All the auditors received a free leather leadshank as a thank-you for coming out.



If you are interested in attending or hosting a WVH clinic please email us for info. Don’t forget our ‘Pick Up A Dressage Lesson’ program too, where we can come to your barn when we are in the area. Trailer in lessons will also be available again in Fall 2017.

Paul and Nikki are available for clinics both nationally and internationally. These clinics are an opportunity to work with two Grand Prix level trainers at the same time. Bring on the Brits!

Dressage Clinic

Join Us August 19th/20th Summer Dressage Clinic

Get on track with your dressage training with British international level Grand Prix dressage competitor/trainer/clinician Paul Alvin-Smith.

This two-day clinic will be held at Willowview Hill Farm, Stamford, NY, in the indoor arena with sand footing. No rain date.

Students of all levels are welcome to participate. Limited stabling is available so if you need a stall please put your entry in early. There is ample space for trailer parking. Free lunch/refreshments will be provided to attendees. Pre-registration is necessary for all riders and auditors. Please bring chairs. No dogs please. No walk-ins please.

Rider fee: $145 per 50 minute lesson (private), $140 each ride for 2 or more.
Auditor fee: $25 per day.
Stable fee: $50 any part of 24 hrs with $20 deposit.
Any cribber must be collared.
1 bag of shavings will be provided
Hay available from our home produced organic hayfields.

Videos/photos not allowed. You can sign up for photos and video with this form if you’d like to have your ride covered.

Deadline for registration is 8/10/17. Payment must be received with registration.

Please email training@WillowviewHillFarm.com with any questions/registration forms.

Vendors are also welcome to attend. Fee for space rental is $10. Pop Up Tents suggested.

Quick info on Paul & Nicola:

Paul & Nicola Alvin-Smith are British international level Grand Prix competitors/trainers/clinicians who have successfully competed in Europe to scores over 72% at Grand Prix. In addition they have trained several horses of various breeds from birth to Grand Prix and trained many students up through the ranks of dressage in their care.

While both have worked with many iconic masters in thedressage world their training has been most influenced by their training with Raul de Leon, Olympic trainer and Olympic gold medal winner Tad Coffin and Grand Master Herbert Rehbein, of Germany.

Paul and Nicola welcome students of all levels, on any breed of horse and from any discipline to participate in the friendly, harmonious learning environment at their clinics. Their goal is to achieve a serious positive progression of learning and feel for dressage techniques for their students with kindness and understanding of the horse, in a fun, kind and supportive setting.


We Will Come To You.

If you have a barn and would like to host a clinic, please email training@Willowviewhillfarm.com for rates and details. The WVH team offers training to riders of all levels of dressage as well as welcome riders from all discplines to participate. Furthermore as the 'trainer's trainers', the WVH team guarantees they will never back solicit your clients/students. References from other clinic hosts are always available. Please ask.

In addition to several clinic opportunities already available in 2016, the FEI4ontheFloor series in Bedford, NY, with Greta Kemmer and Tina Hammond as well as clinics in Upstate New York, MA, PA, SC, Vt and Portugal and Switzerland, Nicola hopes to be returning to Switzerland in September/October to once again compete in Europe.

During the 2016 NE USA show sason, Paul & Nicola will also be available to clinic students for on-site show coaching at no fee. Part of the Pay it Forward program. So if you have a show booked plese let them know your schedule and if they are on the grounds, they will be pleased to help out.

Paul and Nikki also offer a Pick up a Dressage Lesson program in the NE region. They will come to your barn and provide offsite one on one lessons. This program is offered on a flat fee basis for your area as they barn hop to save you trailering. WVH also offers select haul-in lessons from time to time, which are especially useful if you don't have an indoor or ring at home.

For up to date information please visit our fb page at http://www.facebook.com/WillowviewHillFarm

If you are interested in attending one of our clinics please email us for details at Training@WillowviewHillFarm including your address and we will send you info on what might be available for auditing or riding. Clinics are available worldwide.

WVH Trainers



Willowview Hill Farm is committed to sharing knowledge and offering further educational opportunities for horse and rider.



Our Grand Prix trainers have competed successfully both in the U.S.A. and Europe. They bring their wealth of Big Tour experience and ongoing education to all WVH students from Training Level to Haute Ecole.

"One lifetime is definitely not enough, and we are all still learning."

We have been fortunate to have received sponsorship from several sources over the years and to have been able to bring high profile international level trainers/coaches and riders, veterinary specialists and more to our clients front doors.

Recent liaison with TheHorseStudio.com has produced some outstanding opportunities and events.

Here are downloadable waiver forms that are required for participation in any Willowview Hill Farm event or farm visit or hay product or services purchase.

For access to property/services/hay products: Download pdf file for the Auditor Waiver Download pdf file for the Waiver Release


Love Dressage Clinic Wrap Up

Six riders and ten horses attended the Love Dressage intensive one week program hosted by international Grand Prix riders/coaches Greta Kemmer, Nikki Alvin-Smith and Tina Hammond.

" Working with this team was an eye opening experience for both me and my horses. My young mare was working decently enough at first level stuff and by the end of the week she was well on her way to good lateral work in both directions and her canter work was yards better, " Linda Brown enthusiastically reported at the after party wrap up on April 27th.

Horses ran the gamut from spectacular Lusitanos to a just imported Hanoverian to a multi talented overo paint that is headed out to debut in the eventing circuit this year.

" This method of training worked very well for both my FEI and my young prospect. Tina was tremendously helpful with my exuberant five year old. She has no fear and Nikki had just the right word picture and breathing technique advice to make sure I was able to handle the extra expression the work outs created in my horses. I think my seat has improved a lot. My horse now has a really good canter pirouette and I'm real happy about that. It was a bugaboo for us before. Greta worked with me on piaffe/passage and it was a real team feel. Camaraderie and advice on my freestyle and lots of tips for showing success. Will definitely do it again if Willowview Hill offers it next year," stated Mary Wats.

The original event was slated to be held in Stamford, New York but due to a lack of local entries the venue returned to N. Salem to minimize the transport miles for the

" Overall we were delighted with how everything came together. We'll make a few changes if we do this again next year as with such an intense program it was difficult for the younger horses to handle all the input. Our thanks to TheHorseStudio.com for providing some lovely gift baskets for our participants and some great food to keep us going midday. The weather was not the kindest but everyone chipped in to help. Our sincere thanks to Greta and Tina for making the journey from Europe to work with our students and to keeping us all in good humor even with pounding rain on the indoor roof. Thank goodness for the mike system. Maybe next year we can gather enough interest in the Catskill region to hold the event in Stamford. That would be awesome," says Nikki Alvin-Smith.


Love Dressage in the Catskills Clinic. Sponsored by TheHorseStudio.com in conjunction with Willowview Hill Farm International and hosted by international Grand Prix riders/trainers Greta Kemmer, Nikki Alvin-Smith & Tina Hammond. 
One week intensive program Monday, March 21, 2011 - 10:30am - Saturday, March 26, 2011 - 5:00pm Stamford, New York.

Interested in learning the equestrian sport of dressage? This is a great opportunity to learn the Olympic equestrian sport from three successful international level dressage trainers in an intensive week of training utilizing your own horse or one of Willowview Hill Farm's classically trained horses, some of which are trained through Grand Prix level. TheHorseStudio.com, will cover fifty percent of the cost of the session for each student accepted, as well as provide lunch and a gift basket of riding equipment and educational materials for attendees. 
If you are a student of horsemanship interested in switching to dressage, or are currently riding in the dressage arena but need help moving up the levels, then this is a great opportunity to get a kick start on the 2011 show season. Riders of all levels welcome.

For more information please email training@willowviewhillfarm.com. Please include the following information in your email:-

Your name and address and telephone contact info.
Present riding experience and level and trainer.
Your horse's age, breed and experience.
Your goals for 2011 riding season.
Your goals for this clinic.
Do you have your own horse to bring to the clinic?
Do you wish to be considered for a WVH mount for clinic? Note: This option requires you to take a preliminary lesson with us to match you with one of our horses for the duration of the week.
Do you presently compete? If so, please list the results of the last few shows.
What do you consider your best strengths as a rider.
What do you consider your biggest weaknesses.
Difficulties you presently have training your horse, if any.
Special areas of training you are interested in working on.
Where did you hear about this clinic?
Will you be able to attend for the complete 6 day experience? If not would you be interested in attending for a one day experience if we offered a daily rate?

In the event we do not receive enough interest in this clinic being held in Stamford, New York, the venue may be switched further south to Salem, NY. Please note on your email which location you would prefer. We are trying to establish a dressage training emphasis in the Catskill region but if we do no receive enough applications, this will not be possible, and the clinic will instead be held in Westchester County in same format.
We are very grateful to TheHorseStudio.com online equestrian store for their sponsorship of this event. Please show your return support by visiting their wonderful store, which has one of the largest online selections of horse DVDs/books as well as the latest fashion forward riding apparel and horse tack.

A limited number of spaces are available, and slots are expected to fill up fast. 
Costs for full 6 day experience including use of a WVH mount, before TheHorseStudio.com 50% sponsorship is $2280.00
Cost for full 6 day experience utilizing your own mount and trailering in each day, before TheHorseStudio.com 50% sponsorship is $1980.00
Cost for on site stabling is an additional $35.00 per day. No turnout provided. One bag of shavings per day provided, hay provided if you wish. You provide grain. This is permanent stabling. Please advise if your horse is a stallion.

All horses attending will be required to be up to date on all vaccinations & Coggins ( within 1 year) and Health Certificate. If passport for your horse is not available, proof of vaccination history from your vet will be required. Sorry, no dogs allowed. If you require help finding local accommodation we will be happy to help, there are many good hotels in the area including The Catskill Seasons Inn ( Shandaken), Emerson Resort and Spa ( Mt. Tremper), Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn ( Oneonta), as well as other local bed and breakfasts.


Willowview Hill Farm Intl Collect Your Horse Dressage Clinic Series Part 2 Sponsored by TheHorseStudio.com

Friday, December 10, 2010 - 9:00am - 5:00pm

Our thanks to TheHorseStudio.com for once again sponsoring a dressage clinic event in collaboration with the Willowview Hill Farm Team of dressage trainers including the Swiss Grand Prix coach and rider, Greta Kemmer.

" We were thrilled with the success of the first clinic in this series and the riders found the work illuminating. A nice variety of horse breeds were presented at various levels of training and Greta Kemmer did an outstsanding job of bringing each rider to a higher level of riding. We continue to strive to develop a broad base of dressage riders in the Schoharie and Delaware County area so that we can hold the clinics at Stamford, NY, but at the last clinic most riders came from Westchester and Fairfield Counties, so we made the decision to work at our regular venue in North Salem, NY. "

TheHorseStudio.com, The International Equestrian Shop, will once again be providing a basket of horse gear for the rider voted most improved by the world class clinician Greta Kemmer at the conclusion of the event. The winner will receive a beautiful EOUS riding vest, a pair of the very comfortable and highly regarded FITS breeches, a Kyra K. grooming mit, a Live to Ride Eurofit blouse, an Isabell Werth saddle pad and a selection of holiday cards from artist/photographer Nikki Alvin-Smith. Lunch will be provided for all attendees courtesy of Willowview Hill Farm International, Stamford, NY.

Additionally there will be an art exhibit showcasing the original oil works of New York artists Nikki Alvin-Smith & Mary Brazier, and Giclee prints from Georgia artist Michael Lee. A portion of the proceeds from these works agented by TheHorseStudio.com, will be donated to charity. More details on these artists may be found at the website http://www.TheHorseStudio.com.

This is the second in the series ' collect your horse' and is tentatively scheduled for December 10th, 2010. Depending on entries for the clinic it will either take place at Stamford, NY or at North Salem, NY. Entries for the eight riding slots are already filling up so please contact us soon on 607 652 2917  if you are interested in participating. Auditors are limited and you must register to audit. Sorry, no dogs allowed.


The WVH team is ready and able to help you learn how to compete successfully at all levels.


TheHorseStudio.com & Willowview Hill Farm International  “ Collect Your Horse " Clinic Series

A record attendance greeted F.E.I. clinician Greta Kemmer at the recent ' Collect Your Horse " Clinic, co-sponsored by TheHorseStudio.com and WillowviewHillFarm.com in collaboration with Swiss Grand Prix dressage trainer Greta Kemmer, held at an alternate location in  North Salem, New York on October 30th, 2010.

"Working with such a variety of breeds of horses was refreshing beyond belief, " says Greta Kemmer, relaxing after the event amidst a crowd of auditors  keen with questions. " In Switzerland I work mainly with the warmblood breeds especially Hanoverian and Oldenburg, but I was delighted to work today also with riders on Friesians, Lusitanos, Thoroughbreds and Percheron crosses. Horses I do not see every day at home. The riders were well educated in basic dressage and some showed an issue with understanding the true art and pre-requisites for collection. For example, the canter will be made more true by good lateral work. Aids must be imperceptible to the audience. Riding quietly is key to riding better. If your horse isn't forward properly then how can you address the work? It is always a tap, tap with heel and not a solid pressure. Riders forget the outside wall in lateral movements and forget that rhythm is very important. Our work here today addressed some faults in basics and then we were able to really move on."

New to TheHorseStudio.com, Sales Manager Sally Price was happy to share an exhibit of works of art as well as the usual fine array of high tech tack and riding apparel at the event.

" This was my first foray out of the office to one of TheHorseStudio.com sponsored events with TheHorseStudio.com team and I was very pleased with the rapport in our group and the warm welcome from the visitors. The Willowview Hill guys are wonderful. Everyone is so supportive, friendly and knowledgeable. I guess because TheHorseStudio.com has been sponsoring events like this one for a while, we have a following. I was happy to hook up with loyal customers as well as greet news ones and introduce them to our great gear. Our new and ever burgeoning artwork collection and products that brought together artists worldwide in our small but well received exhibit was very gratifying. I think that while we are all worrying about the economy it is quietly growing nicely.  There was a lot of shopping going on. Folks were asking lots of questions and were buzzing over our product lines which encompass only the finest manufacturers such FITS breeches, The Masters line of bridlewear which is our own brand,  and Kyra K. line such as the Agnes jackets. I am loving working for TheHorseStudio.com. It's a dream come true. " stated Sally Price. 

The group of riders also enjoyed a quadrille ride demonstration later during the afternoon which catapulted one rider into the air after her horse, a young Friesian stallion, took exception to a mare too close behind him. Fortunately the rider, Anne Christmann did not lose her seat altogether and recovered moving gently back down the young horse's massive neck to the saddle without incident. " Thanks to Greta for that save, she just stepped a little toward him and he stopped. But the quadrille was great fun and by the end of the forty minute session my horse has learned an important lesson in tolerating other horses close by in a ring. As Greta said, "Learn it now or in the warm up ring. No reason for him to become worried or defensive or you too," and she was great showing me how to handle it."

An organic lunch prepared by a noted NYC chef was generously provided by WillowviewHillFarm.com, and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to chat with Greta Kemmer and have personal access to a trainer of her caliber. WillowviewHillFarm.com enjoys a well earned and highly regarded reputation as a reliable source for dressage mounts for both amateur and professionals alike and has done for many years. Willowview Hill Farm presented a DVD production of their available horses for sale, including the talented World Cup line Hanoverian Westminster, a beautiful Palomino gelding Mani Tak,  that is still learning his dressage medium level but had the audience in "oohs and aahs." His similarity to a Lusitano in the clinic produced a lot of interest in this horse. and their most recent foal Gambol's Middernacht, an expressive filly by the Canadian team horse Gambol who showcased an outstanding trot made a trio ensemble that had people booking visits to the farm to see the horses in person.  Please visit http://www.willowviewhillfarm.com to learn more about the WVH breeding program. 

Winner of the most improved rider was Anne Christmann. " Anne showed some outstanding improvement once she learned how to connect correctly through the outside aids. Her lateral work was very good. I would judge her an 8 or a 9 in both directions which for a young horse is very good indeed. All the riders were much improved I must say, so the choice was difficult. But Anne had it, she just worked with a dedication and quietness I admired,'' said Greta.

Anne's reward was a basket of wonderful horse supplies provided by TheHorseStudio.com including a pair FITS breeches, a 5 in 1 EOUS jacket, some Kyra K. gloves for winter in deerskin and some new DVDs including the Ingrid Klimke DVD and work on starting young horses from Peter Campbell, a Natural Horsemanship master..

"We hope that everyone will support this series of clinics and are looking forward to working together with TheHorseStudio.com to continue to bring great educational events like this one to New York. Please visit http://www.thehorsestudio.com and see their wonderful range of tack, apparel and huge range of DVDs and books. Their continued generosity in this difficult economy is highly valued by our team. They also donate proceeds from their Christmas card sales to StandUp2Cancer as well as support Habitat for Horses through sales of their Live to Ride blouses. It's great to work with this group of people. We anticipate part 2 of this clinic series to take place in early December," stated Tina Hammond of Willowview Hill Farm.
Please contact Tina at Willowview Hill Farm to register for rides. The next clinic date is TBA. Places are already filling up.  You may contact Tina at http://www.willowviewhillfarm.com contact us page. Auditor space is limited and is given on a first come first served basis. You must register to attend. Sorry, no dogs allowed at these events. 













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