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Willowview Hill Farm Foals

Say Hello to Extravaganza WVH, the latest edition to the WVH herd.


Gambol’s Georgy Girl (DWB/TB) gave birth to a lovely colt on March 29th 2017. Sired by the black Lusitano Brioso, Extravaganza is a big foal and shows lovely balance. Stable name ‘snoopy’ for his keen investigative nature, we are enjoying working with him from imprint training to daily handling.


He was recently weaned, and Georgy Girl does seem rather relieved. We have high hopes that Extravaganza will make up to be Paul’s next Grand Prix dressage mount.

Lafite Meets Extravaganza

Meantime Georgy Girl will be put to work under saddle this Fall as we don’t have plans to breed her back.


WVH Monaco

All Willowview Hill Farm bred horses are imprint trained at birth, handled daily and given enhanced foal training as they develop. Using a blend of natural horsemanship techniques learned and proven to work over the years, each foal is given an individual program from birth.

All horses at Willowview Hill Farm enjoy more hours at pasture than in stalls, enjoying a social atmosphere with other horses. Over many years we have found working this way provides better bone density and overall health and better interaction skills for the horses and importantly we have happy horses.

Attention to nutrition, vaccinations, barefoot trims ( WVH works a barefoot program on the majority of horses on the farm including F.E.I. horses) is always a foremost priority. The abundance of home grown organic hay keeps our young horses respiratory systems free from inflammation that may arise in horses fed regular hay that has been treated with preservatives, chemicals and non organic fertilizers.

WVH Majik (VHW) Maronjo (Mahon) x Gimli (Grande)

Majik WVHWVH Majik

My How They Grow

Photos and info on the 2011 foal crop:

Welcome to our new foal Gambol's Genevieve WVH a.k.a. Jennie. Born June 19th, 2011, a beautiful Dutch warmblood cross blue roan filly. Sired by the world class dressage horse Gambol out of Amore WVH, this filly is an exotic color right now but will likely turn grey.

Gambol's Genevieve

Gambol's Genevieve should mature 16.1+, and already exhibits the inner harnessing required for dressage. We've seen a a few piaffe steps and cantering on the spot!

Gambol's Genevieve one day old


Gambol's Georgy Girl WVH aka "Georgy" was born at 5 a.m. on April 25th, 2011.
By Dutch Warmblood International Dressage Sire Gambol out of Versailles WVH.

Georgy Girl 5 days old

This stunning long legged filly will shed out dark bay and with those long legs should mature to 16.2 or 16.3 hh like her dam. Already halter trained, and imprint trained at birth as all WVH foals, Georgy is truly an inquisitve intelligent foal. Lots of ground covering movement already apparent with athletic ability and an excellent amiable demeanor. Words of wisdom are ' sell your best' so reluctantly all our foals are for sale . Please visit our Horse Sales page to learn more about this superb sporthorse prospect.

Photos and info on the 2010 foal crop:

Gambol's Middernacht WVH aka "Midi" was born at midnight on May 12th, 2010.
By Dutch Warmblood International Dressage Sire Gambol out of Amore WVH.

Born under a new moon this beautiful chestnut filly is long legged, athletic with her sire's beautiful stamp apparent at every turn. Full of youthful exuberance "Midi" is shown in this photo at five months old. Amore WVH is doing well and is an excellent mom, taking very good care of her charge. Midi was imprint trained extensively at birth, and then again on Day 2 and Day 3, and will begin enhanced foal training shortly.

WVH Midi 5 month old

Character traits for newborns that enjoy are new moon birthday are as follows:-
The Lunar Personality Types:
New Moon: If you were born during the New Moon phase, you have a childlike wonder and excitment about life. Open and demonstrative, you think and act spontaneously. With your bright, bubbly personality, you launch yourself into your work with tremendous enthusiasm. You are at your best when you are generating new ideas and beginning fresh projects, ever-hopeful about their outcome. Your eagerness leads you to work fast and furiously, but with the attendant danger that you can all too often exhaust yourself before reaching your goal. On the negative side, you have a habit of seeing life from a purely subjective point of view. You are likely to make your mark in life when you are comparatively young, and you will need to learn how to sustain that impulse throughout the rest of your life.

This beautiful filly is for sale. Please click here to visit our horses for sale page and see lots more photos.






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