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Willowview Hill Farm Mares

Mares in Snow

After 25+ Successful Years Horse Breeding We Are Retiring

As you can see from the details below, we have bred many horses over the years and have enjoyed every minute of it. It now seems an appropriate time for us to retire from the breeding side of our business.

With sincere thanks to all our clients that have made our program successful through their trust in purchasing from us and their support by keeping the WVH prefix on their show horse records. Also thank-you to the countless vets, vet techs, transport companies, alternative therapy professionals, and everyone that has been involved with the WVH breeding program over the years.

WVH Breeding Program History

In the quest for the right breeding mare, conformation and performance ability is important. The last seventeen years of experience here at Willowview Hill Farm not just breeding horses but then starting them under saddle and taking them forward to their careers, has also taught us that genetic soundness and temperament are key to producing the right balance in the riding horse.

Over the years we have produced purebred AHS and VHW Hanoverians, Oldenburg, Dutch Warmbloods, Trakehners, Lusitanos and Andalusians in addition to crossbreds with each of these breeds to Percheron and Thoroughbred lines. Bloodlines determine soundness, temperament, talent and longevity and we have had our share of disappointments in growing up young horses and importing young horses to find genetic OCD issues or respiratory issues hamper the longevity of the horse. For this reason you will find a balance in our breeding program that is weighted slightly toward not always producing a purebred one registry horse. The WVH breeding program constantly seeks to develop the best possible individual and adopts a European slant that encompasses a carefully selected variety of bloodlines that are not bound by one resgistry or their individual practices. We like to think of it as old time breeding values with a fresh twist.

You can rest assured that any mare you find at Willowview Hill Farm has a good nature, willing work ethic, proven talent to do a job, and good conformation for that task and that the sires we select have proven performance records and excellent conformations that they have proven to stamp on their get. Please see our stallions page for more info on current sires we are utilizing and to learn more about their talents.

Gambol's Georgy Girl WVH

Gambol's Georgy Girl


Gambol's Georgy Girl WVH

By the highly regarded and mega successful international dressage sire Gambol (Gabor) DWB, this beautiful classic filly is out of one of the world's most prominent and well respected Thoroughbred lines, Tomorrows Child over a Gold Token mare, Versailles WVH. Only mares of the very best caliber, that show excellent trainability and heart with impeccable conformation are accepted into the WVH program. Gambol's Georgy Girl WVH, is a testimony to the edict, breed the best to the best, and we are extremely happy with this superb sporthorse prospect. She will mature to 16.2hh/16.3hh. This photo was taken as a yearling, she was born April 2011 and is currently in training at WVH.

"Georgy" has already demonstrated her great balance, aptitude for learning and amiable disposition. A real 'curious Georgy' for sure. Intelligent and athletic, her long legs and smooth topline with excellent saddle position and head/neck connection will make her a sure hit in the show ring. With her ground covering floaty gaits, Georgy is a very talented filly who may possibly be registered GOV (Oldenburg), ISR, or AWS.

Versailles WVH

Versailles WVH

Registered Thoroughbred bay mare 16.3 h.h. Versailles WVH has a wonderful temperament, elevated rhythmic gaits and a lovely conformation. Her bloodlines include Tomorrows Child. Versailles WVH has the same wonderful 'can do' attitude. She is currently under breeding contract for 2010 to the international caliber Dutch Warmblood stallion Gambol; the world class mount that competed under Ashley Holzer for the Canadian team. Confirmed in foal annd due April 2011.

So when you take this super quality mare Versailles WVH and add this medal winning, Aachen successful dressage sire:-


You are lucky enough to get this:-

Gergy Girl 2 days old

Yay!! Born April 25th, 2011 in the early a.m. our second Gambol foal at WVH. Say hello to Gambol's Georgy Girl.

Georgy" is a stunning, long legged filly who is athletic, very engaging (a real curious Georgy), and she has been imprint and halter trained. She was named after the mega hit song, 'Hey There, Georgy Girl,' from the Aussie band The Seekers. After checking on mom for every two hours for well over 3 weeks (she delivered at day 359!), she managed to outfox us by an hour. So it was a " Hey There' moment for everyone.


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