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Training Philosophy

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Willowview Hill Farm Training Philosophy


The keyword for the Willowview Hill Farm training philosophy is 'Happy'. We strive everyday to produce horses that are happy and confident in their work. That means they need to have a clear understanding of their job, they need to receive patient, kind and correct training to facilitate proper gymnastic development according to individual conformations and temperaments to maintain soundness and longevity. This combination produces a happy horse and a happy rider. With this type of connection and understanding the horse and rider will be relaxed and achieve their full potential as they unlock and daily enhance their abilities to learn and to achieve their goals.

Paul FEI run through

The team at WVH have produced many 'finished' dressage horses over the years.

" A down to earth, uncomplicated and intelligent approach to dressage training matched with compassion and a developed sense of humor, keep our teams both equine and human, happy. I believe our adherence to taking no shortcuts, no egos, an open mind plus lots of support for each other, have made our successes possible."........Paul Alvin-Smith.

"One of my recent goals is to ride in one of your clinics. I am VERY impressed with the teaching style and how effective it is. I always have hated that saying...those who can do, those who can't teach...good teaching skills are imperative and sadly many instructors/clinicians don't have as strong a skill set as they should. You guys have both...you can DO and you can TEACH." - Clinic auditor participant Kim Beach Sanford, Greene, New York


How is this achieved by the Willowview Hill Farm Team?

Educated nutrition, access to pasture and herd life as much as possible.

Individually tailored programs for age, temperament and conformation.

bullit point Imprint training, enhanced foal training, daily handling.

bullit point N. L.P. techniques to support the mind of the rider.

bullit point A mixture of herd hierarchy, natural horsemanship, Tai Chi principles
of body awareness in particular breathing; classical dressage
training, including understanding of timing of aids,
coordination and development of core for both horse and rider
in motion.

bullit point Team support from vets, farriers, alternative treatment providers.

bullit point A friendly and supportive team in a harmonious and peaceful

bullit point Careful development of the horse to ensure a good work ethic,
maintain soundness and keen and willing attitude.

bullit point Attention to ongoing educational opportunities for horse and rider.

Charrington WVH

Charrington WVH


We believe that neither horse or rider should specialize too early and that both benefit from work outside of the confines of the indoor arena. Safety for both horse and rider is paramount at all times.

If you would like further information on training opportunities at Willowview Hill Farm please email us at training@WillowviewHillFarm.com for more information or call us at 607 652 2917.

Tiberio Lafite WVH

Lafite WVH

Relaxation is key to learning for both horse and rider


Tiberio Lafite WVH

Time spent 'around' the horse is as important as time spent in the saddle


We welcome talking to you in person but ask that you please schedule an appointment first to ensure we can give you our full attention, address your questions and give you the time you deserve.

Note: All visitors to Willowview Hill Farm will be asked to sign a release ( waiver ) before entering the facility. For children under 18 a parent/guardian must be present to sign. All children must be properly supervised at all times. No dogs or other pets allowed. As we are a breeding farm we also ask that you not bring horse(s) on the property without prior consent and appropriate health documentation being in place.

For more information on the biographical background of the Willowview Hill Farm Team and History of the farm, and information on other services and clinics please click links below.

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WVH Training Team

Note: Willowview Hill Farm does not currently offer overnight stabling, retirement or layup services or transportation services. However if there is a demand for these services they may be added at a future time, so please contact us with your query at our general mailbox Training@willowviewhillfarm.com

However if you find yourself in our vicinity in the case of a roadside or trail emergency please feel free to contact us and we will do whatever possible to help with you and your horses. Call 607 652 2917 or email Training@willowviewhillfarm.com. At least one knowledgeable horse person is on site 24/7.








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