Grand Prix Duo Offers On-Site and Worldwide Off-Site Clinic Services

For over 20 years Paul and Nikki Alvin-Smith have provided clinician and coaching services at horse barns across the North American continent.Their travels take them far and wide, and both symposium style as well as regular format clinics are offered. From time to time there are also private and special invite events held at WVH, including working opportunities with their colleagues in the dressage world at the dizzy heights of Olympic level.

All Horse Breeds Welcome
All Disciplines Welcome
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Off-Site Clinics

Rates for off-site clinics vary depending on the host’s location and travel time involved. The current rate is $145 per 50-minute session. Discounts are available for multi-day events. Additional discounts are available for participating Young Riders. Hotel, commute costs, airfares, meals etc. are the financial responsibility of the host.

Tentative agreed dates are secured with a $200 deposit, which is fully-refundable if Paul and Nikki have to cancel for any reason and an alternative date cannot be agreed.

The clinic schedule fills up quickly and often Paul and Nikki are booked up to a year in advance. So please make contact to secure a date well in advance of your anticipated date(s). Tentative dates can be changed where availability exists.

A unique clinic style with both Nikki and Paul instructing in concert is available for the advanced rider and/or riders used to taking instruction who may benefit from the additional input. While less advanced riders are usually taught by Paul, who offers much diplomacy and kindness of course. All off-site clinics are conducted by Paul and Nikki from the ground, and microphones/PA systems is the responsibility of the host to provide as required.

All auditors and riding participants are required to pre-register and sign WVH waivers.

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WVH On Site Summer Mini-Clinic

A series of Friday morning mini-clinic sessions are available through 2021 aimed at helping riders prepare for upcoming weekend competition.


WVH On Site Dressage Days Clinics

May 28th 2021: Lessons In Lightness
(Iberian breed focus)
CANCELLED due to EHV outbreak in NYS

June 15th 2021: Basic Training Hoof Camp
CANCELLED due to EHV outbreak in NYS

August 17th 2021: Cadence and Collection


Fall Workshops

A series of Fall workshops is planned. Watch this space!

Work with us

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